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SOLEIL: Where the Sun never sets.

Every turn of the Sun is a new chance. Every step in the right direction is the way to a dream. Revolving around grace, luminosity and powerfulness, we present The Soleil Collection.

Inspired by the essence and duality of femininity, the collection brings both vibrant colors to transmit a sexy energy, and elegant, neutral shades to bring refinement. A seamless blend of textures, navigating from the shiny satin in ballerinas to soft leather in heels, ties together the narrative of two world colliding - rays and fire, softness and greatness.

Every design has been created to celebrate the sensuality and exult the beauty of every woman. We view womankind as goddesses, and take pride in channeling what is best in every one of our Dreamers, to look and feel golden from head to toe.

 Characterized by high-quality craftsmanship, each pair of shoes is made to guarantee a balance between lightness and sophistication. From dawn to sunset in a glowing spiral of lightness and freshness, the Soleil Collection toasts the dolce Italian Summer all year round. 


Let yourself BLOOM! Pantea is a flat sandal with an easy chic vibe: complete with a wide front strap, it offers the highest comfort, along with a sparkly floral detail.


Made in 100% Italian leather, with a frontal strap fully covered in red ostrich feathers and two satin ribbons, Yzabel brings the drama e the effervescence of the warmer seasons.


A classic model, these are the shoes that make you shine in every outing! Monica is a comfortable flat, made in black leather, with two rhinestoned frontal straps and two velvet ribbons to tie.