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"A pair of shoes today, the world tomorrow"

Mychalom was founded in 2018 by Elisa Castellari, founder and creative director of the brand, with the aim of giving new life and bringing a positive contribution to the Italian craft sector starting from a strongly digital and innovative approach. Our production is located 100% in Italy and each part of our shoes are made in Italy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer high-quality products crafted by our experienced artisans for over 30 Years! The result is the combination of comfort, quality and elegance.

Our Goal

Mychalom's goal is to subvert the usual business model used in the footwear industry: putting the consumer rather than the product at the center; and focusing more on the gap between brand and consumer and on engagement, going on to create a strong and lasting relationship with its audience.

Women Empowerment

Mychalom sees itself as an empathetic brand because it is personally and consistently committed to putting itself in the consumer's shoes and trying to understand what view they have of the world around them. Women's empowerment is one of the pillars on which the brand is founded; Mychalom has built its entire communication on this issue, including through its In Her Shoes column.

Our Founder

Elisa Castellari launched MyChalom after having worked several years in the footwear sector with the dream of wanting to create a brand of the highest quality but at affordable prices; a brand created by Women for Women, in fact our team is all female.