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DEBORAH VERTIZ @debsv | Partner @mezacalamores

Tell us who you are professionally and personally.

I’m very passionate about Mexico and spreading the mezcal culture around the world. I’m an active partner in Mezcal Amores and currently head the brand’s global PR department. I have over ten years of experience in PR for premium brands and events. I went independent 4 years ago, after working for 7 years in an agency. Best decision in my life has been quitting and going independent but at the right time, once I had gained all the experience and had outgrown my Job working for someone else. My main passion is organizing the annual Mezcal Amores Experience, a three day event in Oaxaca that brings together people from all over the world and see them fall in love with Mexico, Oaxaca and mezcal.
I love to travel and take and create opportunities to do so as much as I can.

When do you feel most empowered?

I feel most empowered when I’m working on anything I’m passionate about, when doing what I love and know how to do best. I have a good deal of professional experience in my area and that also makes me feel empowered, knowing how to do my job correctly and seeing proyects unfold properly is empowering. Of course we never stop learning and each new experience, good or bad, is a lesson. Ialso feel empowered after working out, endorphins are an amazing trick !

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure (life’s all about balance after all)?

I guess my guilty pleasure is my routine. I love my day-to day routine and when I’m home I’m Mexico City. I don’t go out socially and partying anymore and love being home with myself, feeling grounded. I wake up at 7am everyday, go to yoga or workout and then to work, have dinner at home and I’m in bed at 10:30pm reading with my cat.
I do get to travel a LOT and have a LOT of fun. I guess this is how I balance it out.

What is your advice for other women?

Trust yourself. Be yourself. And after Joseph Campbell: “Follow your bliss”. Find your passion and follow it.
As for professional advice I could give back a very valuable advice I received a few years ago by Bertha González Nieves (CEO & co-founder of Casa Dragones) who I had the luck and pleasure to work with and learned so much professionally. Bertha recommended the book “Lean in” by Sheryl Sandberg.

Who is you female hero and what character traits do you take on from them?

She-Ra was my female hero while growing up, haha. My brother and male cousins had He-Man and it was amazing to have She Ra, Iguess I felt related to her because of the blonde hair and the horse! A strong, powerful, independent woman, a super hero!
In real life today I look up to many independent and professionally successful women. Mainly women who live for themselves and don’t let themselves be guided by society or what’s expected of them. Free, authentic women. I also look up to mothers- that’s a huge full-time job and means giving up a lot. A friend once told me: “As a woman you have to chose 2 out of 3, you can’t do all 3: Work/professional career, travels/active social life, motherhood”. Hmm..?