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MyChalom on Numéro Russia #numeroonline

MyChalom was spotted on November 8th on Numéro Russia. 
"Women are strong!" it is a manifestation of freedom. Each outfit, in fact, is associated with an important message shown by the model with pride. All messages are aimed at eliminating stereotypes and prejudices, encouraging women to believe in themselves and being free to choose.
It is an ode to the woman, her genius, her tenacity and her strength in facing the challenges of life in a simple and extraordinary way.

Photographer & Art Director: Domenico Donadio @domenicodonadiofotografo

Fashion Editor & Stylist: Carmen Incarnato @carmen.incarnato 
Model: Anastasia Offutt @akoffutt from Wonderwall Management @ww_mgmt

Make-up artist & Hair Stylist: Zara Meretukova @zarchiii

Stylist Assistent: Irene Benocci @birene85

Lettering: Emanuele Recupero @manuelrecupero

Videomaker: Pietro Forino

Production: Id Superlative @idsuperlative

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